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What is my Purpose

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

How will ones life turn out? Will we be too young or too old when it ends? I choose to be old, but is it really up to me? And what purpose did I fulfill if it ends when I’m too young? Did I do enough for the purpose if I live to be old? Is there a reason a person becomes addicted or ends up with cancer? Some get struck down by tragedy or die in countless wars throughout time. What about being born with certain expectations? Expected to take one course but ended up on another.

Why are some of us part of a dysfunctional family? Or are we all dysfunctional from the beginning. I have much to say and much to do yet and maybe none of us will never be able to figure it all out. All I can do is pray God will give me answers along the way.

We are all carrying the same cross Jesus had dragged over an old stone street called the Way of Sorrow over 2000 years ago. Nobody here gets out of the pain of living, yet I think I would not have wanted to miss all the joy this life had to offer. In the end, trusting God will give us a new life out of the old tattered one we’ve been occupying for so long. Perhaps our purpose is simply this; keep going, don’t give up, take up your cross, and along the way, make sure you help others carry their cross too.

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