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Journey Through Magic River

A Novel by

Ann Marie Piche


October 10, 2023

Historical Fiction, Time Travel, Fantasy & Romance

The wind, the mist, and the sound of rushing water become familiar to Emily Stanford when she finds herself thrust back in time among her ancestors without ever leaving her small town of Maple Ridge, Massachusetts.

Emily’s life turned into despair when her beloved husband died tragically in an accident. His truck had plunged into the Magic River on an icy, cold Christmas Eve. A year following the accident, Emily’s unending grief continues to grip her life. In an effort to find a distraction from her misery, Emily sets out on a new life-changing journey by retiring from her job as a nurse and taking on a new job writing for the historical column in the Maple Ridge Gazette. Her new job ultimately leads Emily to a handsome war hero with the keys to all the historical locations within her small town. Does this hero also possess the key that could unlock Emily’s broken heart? It’s an epic tale of times long forgotten, magical powers, and a deadly curse cast over three hundred years in the past that takes Emily Stanford on an extraordinary time travel Journey Through Magic River. 

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Spiritual Journey of an Ordinary Girl

A Novel by

 Ann Marie Piche

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A heartwarming story of faith and Finding

After a pandemic and a dying business had changed everything, Mandy McCormick began reflecting on her life. Her memories take her back in time to when she was a small child than a young girl who grew into a beautiful young woman. Having kept a journal since the age of sixteen Mandy begins reading her own words capturing old memories of her mother, father, sisters, and brothers. Mandy relives in her mind the numerous people who have inspired her throughout her life. She looked to her Kindred Spirit, and the Holy Spirit for guidance when her faith is tested by the turmoil she felt when trying to understand the meaning of death and the loss of people she loved. The story addresses truths about tragedy, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, the joy of falling in love, giving birth, raising children, and becoming a grandparent. Each chapter is its own story woven together, which tells the story of an ordinary life that has never been ordinary at all.

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Book Projects

Book Projects

 Ann Marie has been busy working on the sequel to Journey Through Magic River.  For more information click, Read More

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Ann Marie’s Writing Journey

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