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Where do Ideas come from?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

When I tried to form ideas for my latest novel, Journey Though Magic River, one particular question popped into my mind. Something that you might have asked yourself at one time or another. So, here is the question I asked myself: if I could go back in time, what is the one thing I would tell my younger self, and at what age would that be? The answer came quickly to mind, which sparked the idea for this new story.

For me, time travel stories have always been an interesting concept. After all, I can take the story anywhere and at any time. The characters can find themselves in all kinds of situations. Journey Thought Magic River does just that.

Whether it be a book, movie, Broadway play, or any number of series we all watch on TV, they all have two things in common. First, to entertain us, obviously, and second, they all have a main character. In my novel, that character's name is Emily Stanford. Emily lives in a small town in Massachusetts, a town that her ancestors had founded. Her roots go way back, and so do its secrets.

There is also another main character by the name of Rick Miller. Rick has his share of troubles as a disabled veteran who is dealing with loss. He also has his own deep roots in the town of Maple Ridge.

The character-building of these two people came from ideas from knowing and watching other people, specifically people who have inspired me over the years.

Emily is kind and caring, and at times, she can be feisty when need be. After the tragic loss of her husband, Emily needs a change. She left a career she had been with for many years and took on an entirely different path, writing for her hometown paper. Although Emily is sometimes afraid she's also brave at trying new things.

Rick is a person with a sense of humor. Many of his attributes are inspired by all the brave heroes who have fought in wars through time, many of whom came home injured, disabled, and trying to leave all the horrors of war behind. Some of these situation's inflict Rick's character.

So ideas for a book can come from all kinds of places, whether from your own life experiences or other people's life experiences. Stories are in us all. So, next time an Idea pops into your head, you never know, you just might have a story to tell.

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