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Autobiographical Fiction

Updated: Apr 17

What is the definition of autobiographical? It's an account where the main character is modeled after the author. The plot line mirrors events in their life. With that said, this is a work of fiction. The characters throughout my novel, Spiritual Journey of an Ordinary Girl are people who have inspired me throughout my life, thus, my brand name, (The Inspired Writer). Many characters take on different traits than the actual person, such as personality or looks.

Some had taken a completely different path than what took place in reality. Other characters start by closely resembling a person, but they may no longer resemble the actual person or events as the story progresses.

So is it a true story? In a sense, yes, but I'll tell you the truth, I have a pretty healthy imagination...

(Sorry for the tongue and cheek answer).

The reason why I didn't write a memoir or an autobiography.

Simply put, creativity as a writer. Sometimes telling sensitive stories could be hurtful to a person, or they want to be anonymous. I went to great lengths in creatively tell a positive story, and although the stories are sometimes sad or tragic, I gave everyone of these characters meaning in an inspirational way. This story is a spiritual journey for the main character, and every other character has been part of that journey, whether it be in a positive or negative way.

I had no interest in writing a memoir or an autobiography. I enjoyed every minute of creating characters, situations, and dialogue that would not have necessarily taken place in real life and something I couldn't have done if I were to write nonfiction such as a memoir or autobiography.


Will some people recognize themselves or someone they know in my novel?

It depends, if you know me personally I would say yes probably. If you know nothing about me then obviously you wouldn't know who they are. As I said, this is a creative depiction of characters who have been inspired by real people. Only fragments of that person exist in those fictional characters. I have much gratitude and respect and thank all the people who have inspired all these characters.

So there you have it, the most creative way to write. A fictional story with a bit of truth weaved in and out of each character and their stories.

Ann Marie Piche, Author & Inspired Writer

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