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Struggles of a Newbie Writer

It was at midnight many months back when one single light shined on my keyboard as I type the last lines of my second novel. I have fallen in love with these characters, especially the two main characters who carried me through this journey of loss, adventure, and love on an epic scale. Since that night, that world I've created within this manuscript remained in a work file on my computer. Work that was far from over.

In the meantime, while my second novel sat tucked away in a file. I was busy working with my editor on my first novel,

Spiritual Journey of an Ordinary Girl.

At that time I was plotting and planning my marketing strategy and began figuring out the cover design of my book. Next would be the book blurb, bio, acknowledgments and much much more.

Out of all these jobs, marketing proved to be the most difficult. As a self published author, it was going to be all up to me. In today's day and age having a platform turned out to be one of those extremely important marketing tools. Needless to say, my platform palled in size compared to others. For a newbie writer, this was going to be a daunting task. So I began using social media and my website to the best of my ability.

When my first novel was released. I was so excited. I thought, wow, I finally made it. I've reached the top. The launch of my book was successful. Then came the slow burn of waiting and wondering if it was going to do well. Of course, I immediately recognize those pesky thoughts again. Doubts, seeping into my brain ushering in that nagging question. Was this all worth it?

Then came the answer, YES, and this is why, because of you the reader. The one taking the time out to read this right now. Maybe you have read my book or parts of it. I'm grateful to those who have reached out to me with their feedback. I thank those who have supported me. Support needed to keep going, not give up and to continue on to my next book project.

My final thoughts,

Support local Authors

Support newbie Authors

Support self-published Authors

And always remember, these Authors are not doing it for the money. Their doing it for the love of creating a story for all to enjoy.

Ann Marie Piche - Author

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